Ride Concepts has created a family of global athletes who lay it out on the line, day in and day out. In our favorite videos and between the tape, our Factory Team sets a benchmark for the most progressive riding and racing in the world. In return, Ride Concepts gets the hardest charging testers and collaborators that are constantly improving our shoes and pushing the boundaries of the uncompromising ride.





As Ride Concepts grows, attention turns to reflecting on how bikes have been a direct influence in making us the people we are today. Many of us were fortunate to be introduced to the bike at a young age- to feel the independence that the bike afforded us and the confidence that we built as our skills progressed.

It is with that driving foundation and commitment to the sport that Ride Concepts introduces the GROM ARMY: Eleven of the most diverse and badass youth mountain bikers on the planet. They go bigger than your paycheck and won’t hesitate to steal your candy.

Alex Mallen

Luke Mallen

Finley Davis

Fred Lariviere

Max Clark

Matilda Melton

Tayte Proulx Royds

Cohen Johns

Finley Kirschenmann

Weston Lloyd


Adaptive Team

There’s an undeniable stoke that we all share as riders. It’s contagious, addictive and it fuels us to ride everyday. The mountain bike community has a growing niche of athletes that take this enthusiasm to the next level, athletes that love the ride despite the challenges they face. This is why we’re honored to introduce the Ride Concepts Adaptive Team – a group of dedicated riders that, regardless of their equipment, drive passion for dirt and speed.

Sam Audenino

Sean Kent

Cole Bernier

Ethan Krueger

Sierra Roth

Landon McGauley

Roy Tuscany

Jason Abraham

Trey Humphrey