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We are riders, first and foremost. Once, we were kids – building sketchy launch ramps, jumping curbs and ghost rides predated our appetite for dirt - but it was our love for two wheels that kept pushing us further. If we were lucky, we had friends whose parents let us dig up their yards, opening the door to our future. 

We grew up. We kept riding. Bound by a lifelong love of dirt, we became makers, planners, dreamers. We got jobs, staying close to the sport we love. We created brands and designed product lines. All too often, we found ourselves chasing someone else’s dream, projecting our passion and talent to another brand’s vision. We made it our work to sweat the details, meet the deadlines, deliver the goods.

Those years taught us a lot. Eventually, after decades spent harnessing our creativity for someone else’s gain, we opted to make a change.

We are Ride Concepts. Our product line is founded upon countless hours of riding, extensive market research, and progressive design. It is the culmination of our collective lifetimes of experience, and Ride Concepts represents a fresh direction in a category that could use a shakeup. We make gear that we want to wear ourselves, and products that we want our kids to ride as they push themselves to the next level. Understanding that men, women and youth all need and deserve the same quality and attention when it comes to fit and finish, we have developed our range to withstand a beating, no matter the rider or terrain. 

Whether you’re racing your buddies through the woods, digging with your crew at the park or dropping cliffs in the backcountry, we have something for you. If, like us, you worship at the church of fresh air, big rides and fast descents, we think you’re gonna like what you see.


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