Livewire - The Bike Shoe That Fits Your Budget Too

We know that mountain biking and BMX gear is often pricey. It can be easy to put off buying decisions because of the cost of entry of proper gear, making compromises in order to get on the bike and have a good time, because that’s the priority right? But it’s also important to get the best out of your ride and treat your body well. We strongly feel that you should be able to get gear that doesn’t compromise your bank account or performance.

So when we launched Ride Concepts, the first problem we set out to solve was the need for a budget-friendly flat pedal bike shoe for the entire family that didn’t compromise on several major performance criteria: fit, comfort, protection and grip.

It was a tall order, as there’s a reason why a bike shoe that fits (no pun intended…ok, maybe a little) all of those criteria isn’t typically the most budget-friendly option.

We aimed for the $150 CAD price point and took a close look at competitor offerings in the market around that price point. Not one came close to fulfilling our checklist. Many had 1, maybe 2 things we were after but not three and definitely not at $150. So, after numerous renditions, some lunch ride testing and a few adult beverages we arrived at the LivewireRide Concepts Livewire Shoe

1. Fit and Form

We started the Livewire design with each a specific fit and flex for men’s, women’s and youth. Everyone’s foot is shaped differently and the best way to achieve a good fit is to have gender specific lasts. A last is the 3-D form in which a shoe is created from.

We specifically tune our midsole stiffness as well, so a youth a shoe flexes a bit easier than the women’s and men’s and so forth. A better form means better fit and that means a better riding experience.

Most competitor offerings to the Livewire lack both gender-specific lasts and quality midsoles. Many are simply a cup outsole construction with no supportive midsole.
Ride Concepts Livewire Shoe

2. Comfort and Protection

We use a durable synthetic upper on the Livewire with anti-abrasion mesh for breathability. A custom molded toe and heel guard offer unmatched protection. A fully gusseted tongue prohibits intake of dirt and debris and an elastic lace tuck keeps your laces secure.

For the removable insole, we partner with D3O, maker of impact absorbing technology. Our High Impact Zone Technology uses D3O material under the ball of the foot and heel, absorbing impact and reducing fatigue.

Ride Concepts Livewire Shoe

3. Rubber and Outsole

Last but not least, grip is incredibly important for a flat pedal bike shoe. Your feet are one of your major contact points with the bike. Grip should not be compromised, nor should the ability to feel the pedal with your shoe.
The outsole of the Livewire features our hexagon tread pattern, allowing for ultimate connection with a good quality flat pedal. Combined with our proprietary Rubber Kinetics | Dynamic Surface Technology 6.0 HIGH GRIP rubber, the perfect blend of traction and ride-every-day durability is achieved. Furthermore, when you’re off the bike hiking, the hexagon outsole will ensure you stay rubber-side down.

Ride Concepts Livewire Shoe
While many other flat pedal mountain bike shoes at this price point can claim one or two of the many features listed above, none come to close to the value packed into the Livewire. With a model and color for everyone in the family, you can be stoked to save a few bucks and spend more time on the trail with your buddies.

Ride Concepts Livewire Shoe