Mille Johnset

Mille won her first Championship in 2012 at the young age of 11. In 2016 Mille officially joined the Atherton Academy. She enjoyed some great results in the first year of the Youth category. Despite some hard crashes and ten (10) weeks off the bike with a liver injury, she racked up the Scandinavian Cup, a Norwegian National Championship and a win at BDS Fort William where she crossed the finish line a whopping 16 seconds faster than her competitors!  She repeated the pattern in 2017 with wins at both the Scandinavian Cup and Norwegian National Championship. In 2018 she made a solid start to her World Cup career with a 3rd place victory in the Junior Women’s Overall and a 3rd place finish in the World Championships.

When she isn’t riding Downhill you can find Mille on skis or BMX.

Career Highlights:

2018 World Cup Junior Overall = 3rd Place
2018 World Championship (Junior) = 3rd Place
2017 Red Bull Foxhunt = 1st Place
2016 & 2017 Scandinavian Cup Youth = 1st Place
2012 - 2018 Norwegian National Championship = 1st Place
British Downhill Series 2016, Round 2, Fort William (Junior) = 1st Place
2012 - 2015  Norwegian Cup = 1st Place