Kyle Warner

Age: 27 years old


Career Highlights: 3x North American Enduro Tour Champion 2014, 2015, 2016 , 10th Place WinterPark Ews 2013, Spearheaded, fundraised, and helped build a free public pumptrack park in my hometown of Chico, Ca


Future goals: Honestly my goals moving forward are just to help inspire as many people possible to enjoy mountain biking as a healthy outlet. Bikes and the community surrounding bikes have completely shaped my life and given me so many great opportunities. Growing up in a family surrounded by addiction I truly feel like having bikes to keep me busy gave me an opportunity to escape and I just want people, (especially young adults) to discover this outlet and all the amazing people involved in the cycling community.


I will still be racing a bit, focusing primarily on enduro. I will also be coaching the local Boise high school enduro and cross country team, and creating a ton of content for my YouTube Channel and Interviewing people for the “Inside Line” podcast on Vital Mtb.


Why I am excited to partner with Ride Concepts :

I’m excited to partner with Ride Concepts because they have the right motivation behind what they are doing. They are a passionate group of people that love riding, supporting local bike shops, and supporting up and coming kids and events. The product is really good and I’m excited to be working with them on development, I see a bright future with them and it’s cool to give the industry another option for riding shoes that is solely focused on growing and supporting our sport!