KC Deane

Professional skier, mountain biker and brand ambassador; KC Deane has graced the pages of almost every ski magazine as a professional skier and has quickly made a name for himself as one of the top riders in mountain biking. After skiing professionally for 9 years, KC attended Red Bull Rampage in 2012 as a spectator. He was immediately inspired and realized that he had an opportunity to bring his experience from big mountain skiing to big mountain biking.

True to his character, determined and hardworking, 2 years later he was invited as an athlete for RedBull Rampage 2014 where he partnered with Paul Basagoitia to build one of the largest lines on course. Competing in contests from Rampage, to Nine Knights and Red Bull Skygate in China, he has quickly become a top rider in the sport with balanced mix of free ride and enduro/trail riding.