Nationality: France

Basecamp: Pourrières, France

Born: March 8, 1994

Shoe of choice: Traverse for enduro racing, Hellion Elite for flat pedal riding and Vice for everyday

Ride Concepts Isabeau Courdurier

Isabeau Courdurier is 100% driven by passion and is always committed to reaching her goals. Courdurier started racing at 5 years old and the bike has been a major part of her life ever since. Her experience and razor focus for racing is evident at every stop of the Enduro World Series where she is one of the most competitive riders year after year. Courdurier loves to share her passion for bikes and always tries to encourage others to ride. When not traveling to enduro tracks across the globe, Courdurier enjoys snowboarding, driving her old Volkswagen van and listening to old school heavy metal.

Career Highlights

2019 Enduro World Series Champion after winning every race of the season

2021 French National Champion

2021 Enduro World Series 3rd Overall

2018 Enduro World Series 3nd Overall.

Ride Concepts Isabeau Courdurier
Ride Concepts Isabeau Courdurier

Shoes of choice

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