Greg Watts

Nationality: USA

Basecamp: Carson City, NV

Born: May 21, 1987

Shoe of choice: Wildcat

Ride Concepts Gregg Watts

Gregg Watts has been riding professionally since 2004, but it’s not just a job for him. To Watts, riding is life. He got his first sponsors while racing downhill but always loved dirt jumping. Watts soon found that freeride was the perfect avenue for his riding passion. Watts now focuses on Speed & Style where he can blend his racing background with his love for tricks. Watts is also a proud husband and father of two for which he is excited to pass along his riding passion.

Career Highlights

Red Bull Rampage competiton

2008 Crankworx Slopestyle Champ

2010 and 2018 Crankworx Best Trick Winner.

Ride Concepts Gregg Watts
Ride Concepts Gregg Watts



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