Gee Atherton

Gee Atherton is one of the most progressive and spectacular mountain-bikers of all time. In 2018 he raced his 100th World Cup in Mont St Anne, he podiumed at more than 50 of those races and is the holder of nine (9) World Cups. He is a two-time World Champion as well as World Cup Series Overall Champion. Gee holds six (6) National titles.

Gee specializes in lines that many riders view as technically impossible, and is considered “every competitor’s nightmare” and “as hard as nails.” Gee has set the internet alight time and time again with his spectacular and harrowing crashes.

The middle Atherton, Gee is a popular ambassador for the sport. His expertise and unique skill-set has earned him two silver medals at Red Bull Rampage and his sense of fun, mixed with aggression in the chase, makes the Red Bull Foxhunt a huge draw. Gee is the team pin-up; he’s been a Cosmo centrefold and featured in the 2015 Sport Uncovered Series.


Career Highlights:

2018 Red Bull Hardline = 1st Place
2014 World Champion, Hafjell
2014 World Cup Round 2, Cairns = 1st Place 
2013 World Cup Downhill (DH) Round 1, Fort William = 1st Place
2013 World Cup Downhill (DH) Round 2,Val di Sole = 1st Place
2013 British Downhill (DH) National Champion 
2013 British Downhill (DH) Series Overall Champion
2012 World Cup Downhill (DH) Series Fastest Team = 1st Place
2012 British Downhill (DH) National Champion = 1st Place
2010 World Cup Downhill (DH) Series Champion = 1st Place
2010 Downhill (DH) World Cup,Fort William, Champery & Windham = 1st  Place (x 3 Rounds)
2010 & 2004 Red Bull Rampage = 2nd Place
2009 Downhill (DH) National Champion = 1st Place
2008 Downhill (DH) World Champion, Val Di Sole = 1st Place
2008 Downhill (DH) World Cup, Andorra = 1st Place
2007 4X World Cup Round 1, Vigo = 1st Place
2006 Downhill (DH) European Champion
2004 Downhill (DH) World Cup Round 3, Schladming = 1st Place
2004 British Downhill (DH) National Champion